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What Should You Know About CARF® Accreditation?

In your daily life, you generally will take some time before making a purchase to determine if you are actually getting value out of your exchange. Like any other big purchasing decision, knowing the ins and outs of CARF® Accreditation is essential before determining if it’s right for your organization. To help educate you about what CARF® Accreditation is and why it’s important, here are some things you should know before making a decision.

What is CARF®?

While commonly referred to as CARF®, the name is actually an acronym for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. As an international non-profit organization, CARF® is an accreditor for health and human resources organizations. The goal of CARF® is to help service providers meet internationally recognized standards to improve their services and demonstrate value to the persons they serve.

Is CARF® Accreditation Important?

Perhaps the most important benefit that can be obtained with successful CARF® accreditation is the ability to reach new levels of quality outcomes for persons served while still meeting new challenges that may occur. By completing the survey process and demonstrating that you conform to international standards, persons seeking services and their loved ones can make an informed decision and find assurance. However, the importance of CARF® Accreditation doesn’t end there.

As someone is looking for an organization for themselves, a family member or a friend, it can be challenging to choose an organization based on marketing materials alone. More often than not, this occurs because many service providers are reluctant to share data about their programs and how effective they are. By obtaining CARF® Accreditation, persons served can choose a partner that has undergone a rigorous survey to prove their program’s effectiveness.

How Can You Start the CARF® Accreditation Process?

To learn more about the steps required to obtain CARF® Accreditation, we encourage you to visit the Steps to Accreditation page on the official CARF® website. This page outlines the steps required throughout the process and provides great insight into what you should expect throughout the process. Once the process has started, you can begin considering partners like Accreditation Now, Inc. to simplify the process.

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