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About Us

About Us
November 28, 2023
About Us thumbnail image is hosted and maintained by Accreditation Now as a public resource for organizations interested or looking to maintain CARF® accreditation. Accreditation Now is not a partner or affiliated with CARF® in any way.

About Accreditation Now

Obtaining CARF® Accreditation is an important step for rehabilitation facilities to show the communities they serve that they are dedicated to providing the highest-quality services and programs possible. By obtaining accreditation through CARF®, providers must have their processes reviewed to meet between 1,200 and 1,400 standards. However, without the proper knowledge of what is required and access to helpful tools and forms, obtaining CARF® accreditation can be a challenging process.

Accreditation Now has been online since 2003 providing organizations access to Policies, Procedures, Plans, Tools, Forms, Surveys and Trainings all designed to assist them in obtaining CARF® Accreditation. Over 500 organizations have subscribed to Accreditation Now for assistance in either gaining or maintaining their CARF® Accreditation. Our products have been proven to be fundamental in helping organizations meet and maintain the standards required by CARF® for over a decade.

All policies, procedures and written plans provided by Accreditation Now were developed by individuals that have worked as both consultants and CARF® surveyors to explain the required standards and the purpose they serve. This ensures you have all of the information needed to successfully obtain or maintain CARF® Accreditation for your organization. If your organization is seeking CARF® Accreditation, Accreditation Now is your primary source for CARF® Accreditation tools and resources.

Depending on the needs of an organization, Accreditation Now provides both web-based consultation and tools and can also assist with locating experienced surveyors and consultants to help guide organizations through the CARF® Accreditation process. There are many different requirements throughout the accreditation process as well as the maintenance period following accreditation, including compliance standards, incident reporting, employee and client satisfaction and employee training. Each of these resources provided by Accreditation Now can be custom tailored to a unique organization to meet the clinical and administrative standards for CARF® Accreditation.

For more information about Accreditation Now and the services we provide, please refer to our website. If you are currently pursuing CARF® Accreditation or need help maintaining a previous certification, we are here to help. If you still have questions about the services Accreditation Now provides or have other concerns not listed on this site, contact us or give us a call at (888) 559-2561.

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