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3 Tips to Help Prepare for a CARF® Survey

While obtaining CARF® Accreditation should be a goal for most organizations that are eligible for it, the steps required to complete the process can be a massive and stressful undertaking. With the right resources and preparation, anyone can ensure they are able to find success and obtain a positive accreditation decision. In this article, we will explore 3 tips to help you prepare for a CARF® survey to help make the process easier once the surveyor arrives.

Conduct a Self-Audit

Once you have a firm understanding of what is required to achieve CARF® Accreditation and think your business is ready to apply for a survey, take the time to self-audit your business. It is important to ensure that you have taken the steps necessary to achieve accreditation as outlined in the CARF® manual designated for your specific service type. If you are unsure, you may consider working with a CARF® consultant that can pinpoint any outlying issues that may be present. By conducting a self-audit, you can ensure that anything that was missed throughout the process is parepupdated to reflect current CARF® standards before it’s too late.

Prepare Your Staff

Before beginning the journey towards CARF® accreditation, you likely designated the responsibility of preparing the business for CARF® accreditation to a single staff individual or a handpicked group. Before a surveyor arrives to evaluate your business, it is important to ensure that your staff has a working knowledge of CARF® standards to ensure a positive experience. The team responsible for initiating and implanting CARF® standards should be available to work as a liaison for the surveyor to answer any questions.

Leverage Available Resources

Partnering with a subscription-based service like Accreditation Now, Inc. ensures that you have open access to many CARF® policies and procedures consistent with meeting the CARF® accreditation standards. These tools and resources have been created in conjunction with existing CARF® requirements and are updated as needed to ensure your organization remains updated with any changes that may occur. Your subscription also includes Online interactive training tools to assist in meeting the training requirements for successful accreditation.

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