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The Value of CARF® Accreditation

Although the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities can be traced back to its founding in 1966, the certification provided by this organization still provides immense value. Unlike general hospitals, rehabilitation facilities supply much more personalized and defined services to the persons they serve. While CARF® accreditation isn’t a requirement for rehabilitation organizations, the value it shows to potential patients and their families make it worthwhile.

According to the official CARF® website, there are many excellent benefits that come with a successful accreditation decision. In fact, some of the most notable statistics collected during a recent study showed many improvements from the time of an organization’s first survey compared to their most recent one. Some of the statistics found during the study include:

  • A 26% increase in the number of patients served
  • A 37% increase in budget amounts annually
  • A 37% increase in quality standards conformance

From these numbers, we can see that CARF® Accreditation provides value by both increasing potential revenue and established a better standard for services provided. One other important factor that is often overlooked is the ability for organizations to prepare for and avoid financial penalties if areas deficient in patient safety are found. These costs can quickly add up and lead to poor reception of your business among the community and potential patients that are researching your organization.

As the internationally recognized standard for rehabilitation facilities, CARF® Accreditation is a great way for organizations to draw in new patients and ensure they are focusing on a patient-first approach to their services. If you are wanting to stand out among your competitors, putting the effort forward to obtain CARF® accreditation is critical. While it may cut into your funds currently, the value it provides will likely be worth the investment.

While CARF® Accreditation can be a long and challenging process, the value received from undergoing the process will ensure your organization is able to meet the high standards clients and their loved ones have come to expect. Receiving CARF® Accreditation can also make a drastic impact on both your annual budget and the number of patients you serve. To learn more about the CARF® accreditation process or to learn if your organization is ready, you are encouraged to visit the official CARF® website.

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