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What Happens When CARF® Updates Occur?

Each year, CARF® International will review its standards manuals to determine if the information contained in them is still relevant and provides an emphasis on service excellence or if new clarification or guidance needs to be provided. In many cases, CARF® updates will be made as a direct response to feedback that has been received by both surveyors and the organizations they are working with. But what actually happens when CARF® updates occur? In this article, we will explore how CARF® updates are released and some of the ways organizations can keep up with them each year.

New CARF® updates are typically introduced when a new standards manual is released annually; however, there are some rare occasions when crucial updates are made between the printing of service manuals. For this reason, reviewing the CARF® standards manually and keeping up to date with CARF® newsletters is critical for keeping up with changes that are occurring. While you will still need a manual, subscription-based services like Accreditation Now, Inc. can also keep you updated on any new changes.

Even if you have already received an accreditation decision, adhering to new CARF® updates is critical if you hope to maintain or continue accreditation as an organization. Failure to keep up with these new standards can lead to a non-accreditation decision once a new survey is completed. Even worse, you may be missing out on the new processes or programs that can help your organization improve or grow as a service provider. This makes ensuring you are up-to-date critical for continued success.

While CARF® Accreditation can be a long and challenging process, the benefits received from undergoing the process will ensure your organization is able to meet the high standards clients and their loved ones have come to expect. Receiving CARF® Accreditation is usually just the beginning of your journey as an organization and you will have to continue to maintain and improve upon standards. To learn more about CARF® or the accreditation process, you are encouraged to visit the official CARF® website.

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