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What is CARF® Accreditation and Why Does It Matter?

As a treatment provider, you may be wondering if CARF® Accreditation is right for your organization. The truth is, you aren’t alone and having these thoughts is a normal side-effect of the industry. CARF® Accreditation is often considered a symbol that assures the public that your facilities are committed to not only enhancing the quality of service you provide, but it also means that you are focused on the satisfaction of the persons your organization serves.

Throughout the survey process required for CARF® Accreditation, surveyors will typically use a consultative approach in order to ensure that you are able to find aspects of your service offerings that may need more work. With each survey team, you will have a group of individuals selected based on their ability to determine solid business practices and the unique needs of the specific organization they are reviewing.

As a service provider, earning CARF® accreditation can help recognize your commitment to innovation within the industry and the ability to conform to universally recognized standards. While this can display many additions to your business practices, it can also give other benefits. Some of the side benefits you can expect include:

  • Marketing Advantages – One of the biggest benefits of partnering with CARF® International is the ability to obtain a competitive edge among perspective persons served and their families. With a CARF® Seal, you can stand out amongst the competitors in your market.
  • Cost Savings – Once you obtain CARF® Accreditation, you will have the tools and knowledge needed to effectively cut costs at your organization. This status not only shows fiscal responsibility but it also provides savings on future transactions.
  • Risk Management – Most organizations that are seeking CARF® accreditation have some sort of risks that they are wanting to mitigate. By completing the process, you are protected in many different areas including human resources, finance and healthcare.

As you can see, there are many reasons why CARF® accreditation matters for businesses just like yours. However, maintaining or obtaining accreditation may not be a simple process if you are unprepared. We encourage you to learn more about subscription-based services that can assist like Accreditation Now. Don’t wait, start reaping the benefits associated with CARF® accreditation today!

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