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Is CARF® Accreditation Important for Addiction Treatment Providers?

Since its formation in 1966, CARF® Accreditation has been the gold standard for health providers and various treatment centers. The primary goal of CARF® is to ensure that any person seeking treatment can partner with a CARF® Accredited facility and be assured they are safe, will be treated with respect and will be satisfied with the outcome of their treatment. But is CARF® Accreditation important for addiction treatment providers? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons obtaining accreditation makes sense.

Because addiction treatment centers are often considered a partial hospitalization program, most persons served with undergo a 30 to 90 day rehab period. Addiction rehab is typically a fast-paced environment and the rapid changes in treatment make ensuring your facility has achieved CARF® Accreditation even more important. Some of the reasons that compel potential persons served to partner with a facility that has completed and obtained CARF® Accreditation as an addiction treatment provider include:

    • Addiction treatment providers that have achieved CARF® accreditation must continuously self-study and evaluate their processes to look for improvements and conform to changing standards.
    • To achieve CARF® accreditation, addiction treatment providers must undergo an on-site survey to determine their conformance to the standards set forward by CARF® International. This includes observing services as well as interviewing persons served and staff.
    • Accredited facilities must submit an ACQR, or Annual Conformance to Quality Report each anniversary date following accreditation. This is required to ensure standards are still being conformed to.

As you can see, investing in CARF® accreditation as an addiction treatment provider can help demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the best treatment possible for persons served. To ensure your organization has the resources and tools needed to successfully achieve CARF® accreditation, you may consider partnering with a subscription-based service like Accreditation Now. We encourage you to visit their website for more information.

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