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An Easier Path to CARF® Accreditation

While preparing for and obtaining CARF® Accreditation can be a strenuous process without the right resources in place, finding an easier way to achieve your goals doesn’t have to be a challenge. As the leading partner assisting with CARF® accreditation, Accreditation Now can help simplify the journey and assist you in completing the necessary tasks. In this article, we will look at some of the ways that partnering with a subscription-based service can help simplify the process and provide an easier path to CARF® accreditation.

As an online resource, CARF® 101 provides training and tools that aren’t available through any other provider. Since it’s formation in 2013, Accreditation Now has assisted consultants and independent organizations in both meeting and maintaining the strenuous CARF® standards needed for accreditation approval. Let’s look at some of the unique resources that partnering with a subscription-based service like Accreditation Now provides that can help make securing CARF® accreditation easier.

  • Accreditation Now provides an easier path to CARF® accreditation through access to CARF® policies and procedures consistent with the guidelines provided by CARF® International. These easy to use templates can be modified to meet your required needs.
  • As part of the subscription, Accreditation Now provides an annual review of the changes outlined in the CARF® manual, this ensures that you have the resources necessary to maintain accreditation, no matter how small or large the changes may be.
  • Through Accreditation Now, organizations have the ability to upload policies they have created and have them reviewed online by their staff as needed. With this system, you also have accountability procedures in place to track completed training by employees.
  • With both critical incident reporting and anonymous personnel feedback, you will have all of the technology resources in place to ensure you are successfully aligning your business practices with outlined CARF® standards.

Why Choose Accreditation Now?

Accreditation Now has been online since 2003 providing organizations access to Policies, Procedures, Plans, Tools, Forms, Surveys and Pieces of training. With over 500 organizations having subscribed to Accreditation Now for assistance in either gaining or maintaining their CARF® Accreditation – our products have proven over the last decade that they will help organizations meet the standards required by CARF®.

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