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Improving Risk Management with Accreditation Now

For organizations that are continually trying to improve their performance and uphold the core values set forth by CARF®, it is important to manage any risk that could fundamentally impact their services or operations. One of the easiest ways to improve risk management is by creating a comprehensive code of conduct and implementing reporting systems. In this article, we will explore some of the ways that Accreditation Now can help aid your organization in efforts to improve risk management.

Comprehensive Code of Conduct

Having a code of conduct template is the first step to ensuring that your organization has a solid foundation for managing risks. With this template in place, organizations can then expand or revise the template to meet their individual goals. With a subscription to Accreditation Now, organizations have access to this template as well as other resources that can further improve their risk management programs.

Critical Incident Reporting

Any incidents that occur that may present a health or safety risk to either persons served or the employees of an organization should be reported as soon as possible to manage risk both immediately and in the future. Through software solutions like Accreditation Now, you will have access to a critical incident reporting system to immediately transmit the relevant issue to the staff responsible for managing risks.

Corporate Compliance Reporting

With a comprehensive code of conduct in place, organizations will then need a way for employees to report issues they may be seeing in order to open investigations. As an anonymous submission system that is accessible by all employees, Accreditation Now can streamline the process to help significantly reduce risks an organization may face. All information is stored on an encrypted server and cannot be transferred outside of the encrypted environment.

Why Choose Accreditation Now?

Accreditation Now has been online since 2003 providing organizations access to Policies, Procedures, Plans, Tools, Forms, Surveys and Trainings. With over 500 organizations having subscribed to Accreditation Now for assistance in either gaining or maintaining their CARF® Accreditation – our products have proven over the last decade that they will help organizations meet the standards required by CARF®.

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