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What Should You Expect with CARF® Accreditation?

Obtaining CARF® Accreditation as a behavioral health or addiction treatment facility helps demonstrate that you are committed to providing the highest levels of service possible and stand out in a crowded market. Not only can accreditation show that you are compliant with the highest industry standards, but clients and their loved ones can also use this distinction as a way to ensure they are making the best decision possible. Once you have successfully passed a CARF® survey and obtained accreditation, what should you expect?

One of the most sought after benefits associated with CARF® Accreditation is the ability to raise your facilities standards through the adoption of those set out by CARF®. Throughout the survey process, you will likely learn a lot about your facilities and services as well as distinct ways in which you can improve upon them. Being able to improve in areas that are lacking and find new ways to enhance the services your organization provides is the cornerstone of successful accreditation. Once accreditation has been achieved, you will then have access to even more potential benefits than would have otherwise been available.

CARF® provides many educational opportunities to organizations that have completed the accreditation process including the Winter Transforming Outcomes Institute and CARF® Surveyor Continuing Education Conference. Furthermore, CARF® also provides accredited organizations with ongoing communications materials like news announcements, standards updates and newsletters. These are just a small sample of the events and ongoing benefits that come with successfully completing the CARF® survey process and receiving 3-year accreditation, 1-year accreditation or provisional accreditation.

While CARF® Accreditation can be a long and challenging process, the benefits received from undergoing the process will ensure your organization is able to meet the high standards clients and their loved ones have come to expect. Receiving CARF® Accreditation is usually just the beginning of your journey as an organization and you will have to continue to maintain and improve upon standards. To learn more about CARF® or the accreditation process, you are encouraged to visit the official CARF® website.

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