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How Can CARF® Training Make Accreditation Easier?

Much like studying for a college final, ensuring your organization is ready for CARF® Accreditation can be a time-consuming and involved process. Throughout the preparation process, you will likely be looking internally for ways to improve current processes, enhance completion rates and focus on expanding internal training. In this article, we will look at some of the ways investing in CARF® training can help simplify the process and make obtaining or maintaining accreditation easier.

All pieces of training provided by Accreditation Now, Inc. include both paper training and electronic forms. Through a subscription, you give your staff the ability to take the training online and receive records of when they were taken and passed. This can help create a system of accountability while also ensuring that your staff is actively working towards your organization’s goal of obtaining CARF® Accreditation.

As an added feature, Accreditation Now, Inc, allows organizations to further meet their training requirements by providing the individual responsible for training to assign due dates for when they must be taken and completed. If a staff member fails to meet this deadline or fails the training, the designated individual will receive emails. Staff members will also be notified when pieces of training are due and receive timely reminders to ensure they are completed as scheduled.

At the end of the year, organizations are also able to generate a report that can be printed to detail when staff trainings were taken and passed in order to simplify the review process and CARF® survey process. In the event you need specialized training that is not available, Accreditation Now, Inc. also provides the ability to create custom trainings. In the event your CARF® surveyor is not familiar with Accreditation Now, Inc.’s trainings, paper copies can be downloaded so the surveyor can review them for accuracy and adequacy.


Why Accreditation Now, Inc. for CARF® Training?

Accreditation Now has been online since 2003 providing organizations access to Policies, Procedures, Plans, Tools, Forms, Surveys and Trainings. With over 500 organizations having subscribed to Accreditation Now for assistance in either gaining or maintaining their CARF® Accreditation – our products have proven over the last decade that they will help organizations meet the standards required by CARF®. For more information about the included resources or pricing, you are encouraged to visit the official Accreditation Now, Inc. website.

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