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Expanding CARF® Training with Web-Based Tools

Planning for an accreditation survey can be a stressful experience without the necessary resources and assistance. Not only do you need to ensure that your policies and procedures meet the guidelines CARF® provides in their manuals, but you also have to ensure that your employees have been given the necessary training and tools. To help alleviate some of the burdens associated with obtaining or maintaining CARF® accreditation, many organizations have started training with web-based tools.

Since 2003, Accreditation Now, Inc. has been providing organizations with the tools, policies, procedures, pieces of training and assistance they need through an intuitive subscription-based program. For more than a decade, Accreditation Now, Inc. has helped over 500 organizations simplify the survey process and help ensure they meet the standards required to achieve or continue CARF® accreditation. But what is really included when you utilize these web-based tools?

  • Documentation – Accreditation Now, Inc. provides 100’s of CARF® policies and procedures that have been developed with CARF® surveyors and CARF® consultants to ensure accuracy.
  • Training and Testing Tools – To ensure your employees are prepared for the requirements of an upcoming survey, these web-based tools provide interactive pieces of training to meet the initial and ongoing requirements of CARF® accreditation.
  • Critical Incident Reporting – As a critical component in CARF® accreditation, critical incident reporting ensures an improved level of service. With the critical incident reporting tools from Accreditation Now, Inc., officers will receive an immediate email notification.
  • Anonymous Surveys – Accreditation Now, Inc. provides multiple surveys that are available in both online and printable versions. All results for submitted surveys will be automatically tabulated to provide actionable data.
  • Corporate Compliance Tools – As an anonymous submission system, our corporate compliance reporting tools allow staff members to report potential fraud or abuse. Once a report is submitted, the appropriate corporate compliance officer will be notified to investigate further.

Why Accreditation Now, Inc. for CARF® Training?

Accreditation Now has been online since 2003 providing organizations access to Policies, Procedures, Plans, Tools, Forms, Surveys and Pieces of training. With over 500 organizations having subscribed to Accreditation Now for assistance in either gaining or maintaining their CARF® Accreditation – our products have proven over the last decade that they will help organizations meet the standards required by CARF®. For more information about the included resources or pricing, you are encouraged to visit the official Accreditation Now, Inc. website.

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