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How Do You Obtain CARF® Accreditation?

If your organization is ready to apply for a CARF® survey, it is important to know and understand the accreditation steps provided by the official standards manuals. In many cases, organizations will have to spend a year or more preparing for the survey of their facilities and organization as well as provide ongoing improvement updates after the survey is completed. In this article, we will simplify the steps to obtain CARF® Accreditation and provide an explanation for each step in the process.

  1. Partner with a CARF® Resource Provider – Understanding the requirements needed to obtain CARF® Accreditation is an important first step for organizations. To do this, partner with a CARF® resource provider like a CARF® Consultant and/or an organization like Accreditation Now to receive guidance and/or technical assistance.
  2. Self-Evaluate Your Organization – Once you know the requirements needed to pass a survey, it is important to self-evaluate your organization to see where you currently stand. This can help create a timeline to achieving CARF® Accreditation.
  3. Submit Your Application – Once you feel prepared enough, it’s time to submit your application for a CARF® survey. In this application, you will need to provide information about the leadership of your organization, the services or programs you wish to have accreditation for and the locations your organization operates from.
  4. CARF® Fees Are Invoiced – CARF® will select surveyors based on the needs and size of your organization to provide an accurate invoice. Each fee is fixed and is dependent on the number of surveyors required and the number of days required to complete the survey. Additional programs can lead to additional fees if added later.
  5. CARF® Completes The Survey – During your survey, a team of CARF® surveyors will review your practices and documentation. Throughout this process, it is likely that your persons served and stakeholders will also play a pivotal role. Once the survey findings are completed, an accreditation decision will be passed down.

In most cases, a business will be presented with one of 4 decisions including a three-year accreditation, one-year accreditation, provisional accreditation or nonaccreditation. Once this has been established you can either continue to seek accreditation or work to maintain your accreditation.

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