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How Much Does CARF® Accreditation Cost?

As an investment in the future of your company, CARF® accreditation is way to assure the public that your organization is committed to enhance the quality of your service or programs while continuing to focus on the satisfaction of all person’s served. Because a CARF® survey is competitively priced against other accreditation options, you can be sure that your investment is providing the best return possible to meet the goals of your business. In this article, we will examine both a general CARF® accreditation cost as well as some options to help simply the process.

In most cases, refining your policies and procedures for a CARF® accreditation survey will take anywhere from 9 months to one year to prepare for. Throughout this time, many businesses will work with a CARF® consultant, although most businesses will have the support and resources needed to successfully refine their policies and procedures through services like Accreditation Now. Through this service, businesses and organizations have the ability to utilize policies and procedures that have been written to coincide with CARF® standards and implement them with the help of several types of reporting systems. This ultimately saves not only time for organizations seeking accreditation, but it also cuts down on the CARF® accreditation cost by ensuring you are ready for your survey the first time.

Any business interested in CARF® accreditation will need to contact CARF® directly for pricing information. Since this amount can fluctuate, it’s hard for us to provide a direct cost associated with the process at any given time. However, as a general rule, there is a fixed fee that is paired with the number of surveyors needed plus the number of days the survey will take to complete. In addition to these costs, businesses or organizations seeking CARF® accreditation will also need to purchase a CARF® manual that varies in price based on the type of accreditation you are seeking.

As you can see, there are many different factors that go into the overall CARF® accreditation cost. While the CARF® accreditation cost varies depending on your needs, we hope that the information in this article gives you a start point to begin your budgeting. For more information, please reach out to us through the CARF® 101 Forum, our contact page, or visit Accreditation Now to learn more about our convenient solutions to simplify the process.

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