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Is Your Business Ready for CARF® Accreditation?

If you are a service provider that is considering investing in CARF® Accreditation, it’s important to take a step back and see if your business is ready. With the wide variety of metrics included in a CARF® survey, just one minor setback can limit the ranking you receive and limit your chances at passing. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways you can determine if your business is ready for CARF® Accreditation and provide some solutions to help you get ready for your upcoming survey.

Obtain a CARF® Manual

Functioning much like a textbook in school, the CARF® manual provides businesses with important information about your processes and procedures that will be reviewed during a CARF® survey. While the manual may seem a little intimidating because it spans hundreds of pages, it is important for businesses to understand the expectations they will be held to in order to achieve accreditation. With a good working knowledge of the policies and procedures that are needed, you will be well on your way to understanding if your business is ready or you should wait a little longer to refine your workplace.

Examine the Associated Details

Once you have a manual, you can begin to adjust your processes and procedures to conform with CARF® survey standards. By doing so, you can ensure whether or not your business is ready for CARF® Accreditation. Remember, depending on the type of accreditation you are hoping to achieve and the industry your business resides in, the accompanying requirements may differ. Focus on the most crucial facets that are important to your industry and refine them to meet the standards given in the manual.

Designate a Facilitator

When planning for a CARF® Accreditation survey, one of the easiest ways to ensure your business is ready is to designate a facilitator within the industry. While this could be a group working together, determining a certain person to be held accountable will ensure that duties are facilitated as efficiently as possible. In most cases, this person will be from a middle manager to the owner to ensure the processes are strictly adhered to while still providing an authoritative voice to ensure compliance.

Partner with a Turnkey Service

Through the support of services like Accreditation Now, Inc., businesses have the ability to invest in a subscription-based service that provides resources and tools relevant to their CARF® Accreditation goals. Through a subscription, businesses have access to grievance reporting, client satisfaction reports, CARF® approved templates and much more. For more information of these services and how they can benefit your pursuit of CARF® Accreditation and ensure you have the tools to ensure your business is ready for a survey, visit the official Accreditation Now, Inc. website.

Don’t Rush The Process

One of the biggest factors contributing to the failure of a business when a survey is finally performed is not taking the time needed to make certain their business is ready. By taking your time and reviewing the procedures and policies provided in the manual, you won’t have to wonder if your business is ready or not for a CARF® Accreditation survey.

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