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Ongoing Data Collection from Stakeholders in the Human Services Environment

It is important that organizations collect feedback and information from persons served, personnel, and other stakeholders. Gathering information should be done on a continuous basis throughout the year. During a CARF® survey, the surveyor will review a variety of data sources to assess the organization’s compliance with CARF® standards, determine the effectiveness of its services … Read More "Ongoing Data Collection from Stakeholders in the Human Services Environment"
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CARF® Required Training Updates

Why is personnel training important for CARF® accredited organizations? CARF®-accredited organizations are required to provide ongoing training for personnel as a requirement for meeting CARF® standards. Personnel must be trained on CARF® standards, as well as any governmental regulations, organization-specific policies and procedures, and position specific skills. This training is important for several reasons: It … Read More "CARF® Required Training Updates"
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How to Implement CARF® Updates

CARF® Standards Manuals are made available through the CARF® International or CARF® Canada Online Store in January each year. It is anticipated that CARF® accredited organizations will be meeting new or revised standards by July 1st of each year. There are several areas of your organization that may need to be addressed. Which of your … Read More "How to Implement CARF® Updates"
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New Perspectives: Rehabilitation During and After a Pandemic

The World Health Organization has declared a public health risk as COVID-19, a new disease, continues to spread across the United States and the world as a whole. While some regions have shown promising results that the virus is being contained to some degree, the way rehabilitation providers move forward from this pandemic has drastically … Read More "New Perspectives: Rehabilitation During and After a Pandemic"
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When was CARF® International Founded?

Since it’s founding in 1966 by two national organizations, CARF® International has steadily grown to become a prominent fixture in the health and human services industry. As an accreditor for rehabilitation organizations, CARF® has created a set of standards that have been adopted worldwide to create one cohesive, patient-first approach to services. In this article, … Read More "When was CARF® International Founded?"
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