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CARF® Required Training Updates

Why is personnel training important for CARF® accredited organizations?

CARF®-accredited organizations are required to provide ongoing training for personnel as a requirement for meeting CARF® standards. Personnel must be trained on CARF® standards, as well as any governmental regulations, organization-specific policies and procedures, and position specific skills. This training is important for several reasons:

  • It ensures that personnel are aware of the latest standards and procedures.
  • It helps personnel understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • It helps personnel master the skills they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Organizations that fail to provide adequate training for personnel are at risk of losing their CARF® accreditation. Additionally, personnel who are not properly trained are more likely to make mistakes, which can jeopardize the safety of clients and the quality of care.

Update trainings at least annually.

CARF® accredited organizations need to regularly update their trainings to ensure that personnel are kept up to date on the latest information and procedures. CARF® manuals are updated annually so a review of current trainings should be made at least that often. With careful planning and execution, it can be accomplished relatively easily.

Here are a few tips on how to update your organization’s trainings:

  • Assess what needs to be updated. This will include updates to meet CARF® accreditation standards, changes to federal or local regulations, and identifying any new policies and procedures that personnel need to be made aware. Appendix C in your CARF® manual provides a list of required trainings. Accreditation Now offers many of those trainings and provides a system for including custom trainings in the same format.
  • Develop a plan for how updates will be made. This should include who will be responsible for making the updates, when they will be made, and how they will be communicated to personnel. You will need to determine if new trainings should be created or if updates to current trainings are required. Accreditation Now’s “Duplicate Training” feature is designed for ease and efficiency. This system will save a substantial amount of time in your training update tasks. In addition to written or video trainings, you may want to include one-on-one or group trainings as part of your overall training program.
  • Implement the plan. This involves carrying out the actual creation and updates to the training materials and ensuring that personnel are made aware of the changes. Use the automated reminder system available on the Accreditation Now website for effortless dissemination. It may be helpful to work in tandem with policy and procedure updates to ensure that any changes are incorporated into the new or updated training.

Evaluate the results.

CARF® defines Competency-based training as an approach to education that focuses on the ability to demonstrate adequate skills, knowledge, and capacity to perform a specific set of job functions. In short, are personnel adhering to and demonstrating what they have been taught, in their daily activities? A review of automated training reports ensures all personnel have completed all scheduled trainings, along with ongoing supervision to ensure adherence.

Accreditation Now Training Processes.

Accreditation Now, designed specifically to assist in obtaining and maintaining CARF® accreditation standards, provides the perfect platform for personnel training and/or document review. The prepared trainings have proven successful through thousands of CARF® surveys. The user-friendly features provide a platform to easily set up and update your custom trainings. You can easily schedule trainings for specific individuals, job titles, locations, or regions. Automated reminder systems for both personnel and management, as well as detailed reports, provides for effortless tracking.

Accreditation Now Provided Resources

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