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New Perspectives: Rehabilitation During and After a Pandemic

The World Health Organization has declared a public health risk as COVID-19, a new disease, continues to spread across the United States and the world as a whole. While some regions have shown promising results that the virus is being contained to some degree, the way rehabilitation providers move forward from this pandemic has drastically changed. In this article, we will look at some new perspectives that rehabilitation providers may experience and the ways their services have changed during the pandemic.

As a virus that creates both functional and psychological impairments, COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on patients; particularly those with respiratory insufficiencies, cognitive impairments and stress-related issues. At the current time, the major impacts of the virus still aren’t known; however, experts believe that rehabilitation services may play a drastic role in recovery as symptoms and lasting impacts begin to become more known. With the predicted surge of coronavirus-related illnesses still ahead, it is important for rehabilitation facilities to be prepared.

The Role of Rehabilitation in Pandemics

While addiction treatment centers and behavioral health centers may see little impact in their services aside from new infection control protocols, aging services and retirement communities will deal with the populations most affected by the ongoing pandemic. Some of the new roles that may be expected for these providers include working with PCPs to provide aftercare, reinforcing public health measures and providing ways for persons served to optimize their physical and nutritional health.

Rehabilitation needs for people that have survived COVID-19 are creating a new need within the rehabilitation sector and the services that these facilities provide will be crucial both during each phase of pandemic management and throughout the foreseeable future. To help adhere to new guidelines and improve public perception of rehabilitation services, new perspectives and approaches are needed and innovation is more important than it ever has been previously.

Although the pandemic continues to evolve daily, CARF® standards are constantly being reviewed and retooled to meet the current needs of rehabilitation centers both in the United States and abroad. Only by working together can these industries redefine the role of rehabilitation centers to better serve their communities and further enhance the quality of service that the people they serve receive. As the situation continues to evolve, new and relevant information will continue to be available through this dedicated COVID-19 page provided by CARF® International.

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