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The Benefits of Working With a CARF® Consultant

The Benefits of Working With a CARF® Consultant

While there are many benefits that come with CARF® Accreditation for service providers and their persons served, obtaining certification on your own can be a daunting task. For organizations that don’t have the dedicated resources to ensure their business is ready for accreditation, working with a CARF® consultant can help alleviate the burden of ensuring your business is prepared for surveyal. This ensures your business is prepared for your CARF® Accreditation survey, making the process less burdensome.

Depending on the type of organization you are, consultation can be adapted to meet your unique needs to develop an accreditation action plan and provide on-going assistance with the implementation of that plan. The assistance provided by a CARF® consultant can range from on-site training through practice surveys or web-based to provide crucial documents and other requirements necessary for obtaining accreditation. Organizations may choose to do just one form of consultation or a combination of both to gain crucial support in obtaining accreditation.

The Benefits of an On-Site CARF® Consultant

On-site consultation allows service providers to gain valuable experience from experts that have assisted numerous organizations with obtaining accreditation. Though a referral process, you can be sure that your organization will be matched with the right consultant with a proven knowledge of CARF® preparation standards and requirements for your industry. As an adaptable service, consultants can provide staff training, action plan development expertise and ongoing assistance during the implementation process prior to your CARF® survey for accreditation.

The Benefits of Web-Based CARF® Consultation

There are many different needs that are required throughout the accreditation process as well as the maintenance required following successful accreditation, including compliance standards, incident reporting, employee and client satisfaction and employee training. Through web-based CARF® consultation, service providers are able to affordably and effectively obtain these resources throughout the accreditation process. This service provides tools, documents and resources that can be adapted to a unique organization to meet the clinical and administrative standards for CARF® Accreditation.

Accreditation Now for CARF® Consultation

Accreditation Now has been providing organizations with both referrals for on-site and web-based consultation and access to policies, procedures, plans, forms, surveys tools and training to meet the standards required by CARF® since 2003. Policies, procedures and written plans provided by Accreditation Now were developed by individuals that have worked as both consultants and CARF® surveyors to explain the required standards and the purpose they serve. If your organization is seeking CARF® Accreditation, Accreditation Now is your one-stop for CARF® Accreditation tools and resources.


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