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How Does CARF® Accreditation Make Treatment Better?

How Does CARF® Accreditation Make Treatment Better?

Searching for a rehab facility or treatment center can be a tedious process as individuals attempt to find the right fit for their unique needs or a loved one. While there are no universal options, investing in an accredited service provider can often help lighten the load and simplify this process. However, there are many ways that CARF® Accreditation can help make treatment better for persons served.

By utilizing a fair, third-party evaluation system, CARF® Accreditation is more than just a marketing tool and goes above and beyond to show potential patients that a service provider is committed to providing the best service possible for its clients. With a focus on patient-centered care, clients can be sure their best interests are at heart. Obtaining CARF® accreditation ensures that a service provider is not only competent enough to fulfill the needs of persons served but is also fully equipped to.

Understanding What CARF® Accreditations Mean

When obtaining accreditation there are several possible outcomes that service providers may achieve. Understanding what each of these accreditations means can help make the decision-making process easier for persons served. Here are some of the possible outcomes that service providers may receive:

  • Provisional Accreditation – Once a one-year accreditation has expired, provisional accreditation is awarded to service providers that maintain standards that were met during the previous one-year accreditation level. Provisional accreditation only lasts for one year and is shifted to non-accreditation if three-year accreditation standards are not met during the next CARF® survey.
  • One-Year Accreditation – To meet one-year accreditation conditions, a service provider must meet ALL accreditation standards but still have several deficiencies in significant areas. One-Year Accreditation is awarded if the organization is capable of correcting these deficiencies and remains committed to progress.
  • Three-Year Accreditation – As the highest outcome, obtaining three-year accreditation means that the service provider has fulfilled and exceeded conformity to the accreditation standards. In many cases, an organization can obtain three-year accreditation by demonstrating improvement from previous CARF® surveys and improving benefits to persons served.

As you can see, partnering with a service provider that has obtained three-year accreditation, or is seeking it, through CARF® can be very beneficial for persons served and their loved ones. This commitment to high-quality service and growth conveys that an organization is committed to providing the best service possible and strives to meet the high standards their clients expect.


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