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Dr. W. Michael Dowdy

Southern Ohio Behavioral Health, Ironton, Ohio

In 2008 we began preparation for our 2009 CARF survey and turned to Accreditation Now. The excellent material and information allowed Southern Ohio Behavioral Health to earn the maximum number of years of accreditation plus three exemplary ratings. In 2012 we again used Accreditation Now which adequately prepared our agency to earn another three year accreditation. And as we currently prepare for our 2015 CARF survey we once again have turned to Accreditation Now for the type of support and service that will allow us to earn another three year accreditation. I highly recommend Accreditation Now to any agency preparing for a CARF accreditation survey.

Ashlee Day

A New Day Counseling, Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When I was asked to write about my experience with Accreditation Now, I immediately said yes! Accreditation Now has designed software that has made my business run more smoothly, increase revenue, improve productivity, and gain efficiency. It has tremendously changed the way I am able to provide Behavioral Health Services. As a current CARF Surveyor and CARF Accredited business owner, I utilize the updates, resources, training, and software system to support the daily needs of my staff and clients. I am able to update policies, train staff, and maintain compliancy in multiple areas.

Robert Kissner

Focus Foundation of BC, White Rock, British Columbia

We chose Accreditation Now as an aid for accreditation as a mechanism to aid in quality control and a quick way to orient new staff in the required domains of CARF standards. The program allows for documentation and comparative performance over time and provides a timely reminder of performance aspects related to CARF but more importantly to ensure quality services to clients. [We have experienced] more timely paperwork, quality assurance, and over time our ability to tune our services and be more aware of client parent and feedback form referrals. Accreditation Now represents an investment and (relative to the cost) is a very worthwhile investment for smaller agencies in particular. Their staff is personable, helpful and approachable and turnaround for assistance is very reasonable.

John Nosacka

Capital Area Human Services District, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We were beginning our CARF accreditation process and did not have the infrastructure in place that Accreditation Now provided. Accreditation Now gives us the ability to track trainings, complaints, surveys, etc. To develop spreadsheets and maintain them would have taken and continued to take a lot of work hours. The data we pull from Accreditation Now is appreciated by all of our surveyors. [We would] absolutely [recommend Accreditation Now to others] and we have.

Nancy Thompson

Rose Rock Recovery Center, Vinita, Oklahoma

Hello, RRRC just received notice of a three year certification from the CARF review held on Oct. 15 and 16, 2015. The assistance from your web-site was highly valuable! I plan on continuing to use the resources provided by Accreditation Now!

Dr. W. Michael Dowdy

Southern Ohio Behavioral Health, Ironton, Ohio

Southern Ohio Behavioral Health has been using Accreditation Now for many years and have found it to be a wonderful service when preparing for national accreditation. We began using the service prior to our 2006 CARF accreditation survey. Having never gone through a CARF survey I was very concerned about how to prepare and how to meet all of the policy standards. I discovered that Accreditation Now offered guidance and assistance that allowed us to easily check our current policies and procedures for compliance as well as draft new policies that would meet CARF approval. I credit Accreditation Now for the excellent marks we received on the 2006 survey.