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Is CARF® Accreditation a Worthy Investment?

If you have found this page, you may be considering CARF® accreditation for your organization; however, you may not be completely sold on the benefits that it can provide. While it may seem confusing to find information about the value of pursuing accreditation, there are many ways that it can help benefit your business. If you are asking yourself “Is CARF® accreditation a worthy investment?”, we hope that the information in this blog will help clear up some of the confusion you may have.

Service providers that have successfully received CARF® accreditation are generally recognized as both innovative leaders and valued organizations within the communities that they serve. CARF® has long been recognized as a beacon of continuous improvement for services provided by an organization while also providing a distinct focus on satisfaction for the clients they serve. In addition to this, organizations that successfully achieve CARF® accreditation also benefit from:

  • Marketing Advantages – By including a CARF® seal of approval on marketing materials, organizations are able to stand out among a crowded field of available service providers. This competitive edge shows potential clients and their loved ones that you have met internationally recognized standards.
  • Risk Management – Obtaining CARF® accreditation is a worthy investment because it helps reduce the risks of exposure in several departments throughout the organization including finance, healthcare, governance and HR.
  • Monetary Value – It is not uncommon for some insurance providers, rating agencies or investment bankers to view CARF® accreditation as a sign of financial stability. Because the process requires keen attention to detail and commitment, many of these providers will offer financial savings as a response.

As you can see, CARF® is a worthy investment for any organizations that are interested in improving the quality of service they provide or distinguishing themselves as a valued member of the communities that they serve. If you are ready to get started, we encourage you to obtain a copy of the most recent CARF® standards manual for your services industry or reach out to Accreditation Now, Inc. to learn how they can make the accreditation process easier. Don’t let this great opportunity pass your organization by!

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