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CARF® Accreditation Is More Important Than Ever

In a market full of choices, how do you know that a consumer will choose your organization out of the others that are available? Making an impact on these communities in need can be as easy as obtaining accreditation for your business. However, not all accreditation options are equal and you will need an accrediting body that is not only impartial but recognized worldwide for the impact their policies and standards have had. For this reason, CARF® Accreditation is more important than ever.

CARF® has been carrying the torch for the accreditation of human service programs since its initial formation in 1966. Through unique insight from persons served by these organizations, workers in the field and the funders that they partner with, CARF® is able to constantly update required standards to not only provide internationally recognized standards but also ensure a customer-first approach to the services that are being provided. When implemented, these standards help human services organizations focus on outcomes and satisfaction for the people that they serve and their families.

If you are asking yourself if your organization needs CARF® accreditation, the answer is most likely yes. While the process is far more in-depth than just paying a fee and receiving a certificate to hang on the wall, the benefits that obtaining accreditation provides make it well worth the investment of time and resources. In fact, an organization can only obtain a determined level of accreditation through CARF® following the completion of an on-site survey that reviews processes, procedures and documentation methods. Obtaining accreditation through CARF® is a valuable investment that will both improve the image of a human services provider and increase the support and usage of their services by their communities.

The positive impact created by fulfilling the CARF® survey process conveys that the provider encourages feedback and acts on recommendations to improve their services and the overall experience of persons served. CARF® Accreditation can also have a positive impact on marketing efforts to assist individuals seeking rehabilitation services, referral service and other involved parties. Now that you know CARF® accreditation is more important than ever, are you ready to get started? Don’t forget to check out available resources through this website, reach out to us through our forum or learn how Accreditation Now, Inc can help make preparing for a survey easier.

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