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How Can You Keep Up with 2019 CARF® Updates?

As the cornerstone of CARF® accreditation, quality standards are consistently refreshed and retooled to meet the current needs of society. With many factors driving significant change, including the opioid epidemic and the increased prevalence of suicide, annual changes are important to maintain a high level of service that has become synonymous with CARF® accreditation.  Because new CARF® Standards Manuals are released annually, knowing how to keep up with 2019 CARF® updates is critical for success.

Manually Review 2019 CARF® Updates

Each year, CARF® International releases a revised manual to provide new updates for currently accredited organizations and others who are hopeful they will achieve accreditation. While some service areas may have more changes than others, finding the appropriate manual for your needs can help ensure your organization is keeping up with the newest requirements. However, this can be a time-consuming process that can distract your most valuable employees from other duties.

Because CARF® manuals are released annually as an all-in-one guide, trying to pinpoint exact changes can often be difficult. While you could spend the time to rework all of your own documentation to ensure it meets the updated standards, this isn’t the most efficient way of completing the task. For this reason, many organizations will partner with a subscription-based service to ensure they are receiving the most updated information possible while limiting the impact it has on their day-to-day operations.


Partnering with a Subscription-Service

Functioning as a subscription-based service, Accreditation Now, Inc. reviews all new standards manuals to determine what changes have been made from the previous year. Our staff then updates all required templates to meet these changes to ensure you have the tools and resources needed to achieve or maintain your CARF® accreditation. Once the 2019 CARF® updates were released, we began pouring over the newly-updated manual to ensure our templates were as accurate as possible with minimal downtime.

Without spending considerable amounts of time comparing your existing templates to the updated versions, it can be hard to know what changes have been made as a requirement for CARF® accreditation. In fact, failing to miss one update could be the difference between a passing survey and a failing one. To keep subscribers as informed as possible, any changes that are found in the 2019 CARF® updates are also turned into a summarized brief that is posted on the Accreditation Now, Inc. website.

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