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CARF® Provided Education

CARF® 101 – Preparing for Successful Accreditation®101s/

The CARF® 101 series is offered at various locations across the United States and Canada, throughout the year. The classes take place over a two day period.  The 101 classes are best suited for individuals that are undecided which accrediting body to choose, those preparing for their first survey or currently accredited organizations, seeking a refresher.

Participants can expect an overview of the accreditation process, as well as CARF® standards. The Aspire to Excellence section is applicable to all accredited organizations.  Training sessions are customized according to the area of specialty.

  • Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Opioid Treatment
  • Employment and Community Services
  • Medical Rehabilitation

In addition to the CARF® staff member lectures, there are also break-out sessions among attendees and one-on-one faculty consultations available.

At this time, CARF® 101 series classes are available onsite only, except Medical Rehabilitation. CARF® 101 for Medical Rehabilitation is available through Web-based Recorded Training.

CARF® 202 – Maintaining Successful Accreditation

The CARF® 202 series is offered at various locations across the United States and Canada, throughout the year. The classes take place over a two day period. The 202 classes are best suited for organizations that are currently accredited and those that have completed CARF® 101 training.

Participants can expect a discussion of new, as well as the most commonly overlooked, standards.

CARF® 202 trainings are provided for the following services areas:

  • Employment and Community Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • Child and Youth Services

Practical examples, business management and services delivery practices will be covered. Hands-on workshops provide support in developing or refining plans and procedures.

CARF® 202 training are only available onsite. At this time, there are no Web-based 202 trainings available.


Custom Training

CARF® can provide a custom training program for any organizational type or size. Program topics are tailored specific to the organization. Custom trainings may be created for onsite or web based learning.  To learn more about CARF® custom trainings, contact directly: (888) 281-6531 or education@CARF®.org


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