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Why is CARF® Accreditation Important?

CARF® Accreditation is the gold standard for organizations that provide rehabilitative services and are seeking to improve their image and provide high-quality treatments within their communities. As an international organization the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF®, seeks to promote quality and value for both rehabilitation facilities and the persons they serve through accrediting service providers. Obtaining accreditation shows that rehabilitation facilities are dedicated to providing the highest-quality programs and services possible.

In any given community, there are likely several options for individuals, or their care providers, requiring rehabilitation services. In most cases, these persons will be researching providers to determine the quality of services they provide, their community impact and if they have achieved CARF® Accreditation. Having accreditation means that the provider has proven that they have demonstrated their commitment to effective services and efficiency as an organization.

How Does CARF® Accreditation Benefit Providers?

Obtaining accreditation through CARF® is a valuable investment that will both improve the image of a rehabilitation provider and increase the support and usage of their services by their communities. The positive impact created by fulfilling the CARF® survey process conveys that the provider encourages feedback and acts on recommendations to improve their services and the overall experience of persons served. CARF® Accreditation can also have a positive impact on marketing efforts to assist individuals seeking rehabilitation services, referral service and other involved parties.

According to the most recent statistics from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, providers saw an increase of 26% in annual persons served in the time from their first survey to their latest. Furthermore, these providers also saw a 37% increase in both their annual budget dollars and conformance to quality standards. These statistics alone make obtaining accreditation very appealing to rehabilitation providers.

How Does CARF® Accreditation Benefit Persons Served?

CARF® standards are focused on person-centered services approach that is designed to enhance the quality of life of persons served by accredited providers. In many cases, individuals or referrers that are seeking rehabilitation services will seek out CARF® accredited organizations to ensure the best service possible. All providers accredited through the CARF® survey process have demonstrated conformance to internationally accepted standards to improve communication with persons served and achieve quality outcomes from the services they provide.

Partnering with a provider that has obtained accreditation through CARF® means that their processes have been reviewed to meet between 1,200 and 1,400 standards. These field-driven standards have been refined over 50 years through a collaboration with industry experts, persons served and their providers to reflect an international consensus. By seeking out CARF® certification, persons served or their referrers can make an informed decision on which provider they should utilize for their needed services.


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