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Why Does My Organization Need CARF® Accreditation?

Any organization that provides rehabilitative services has likely heard of CARF® Accreditation and, perhaps, many have already begun the process or completed a survey. As an international organization, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities works to promote quality, optimal service outcomes and value for persons served by accredited providers. But why does your organization need CARF® accreditation? Keep reading to find out!

The CARF® process requires service providers to abide by and conform to a standardized set of operating policies and procedures that focus on improved treatment quality and overall teamwork. At the current time, organizations are held to up to 1,400 standards that have been established by CARF® International. By obtaining accreditation, service providers not only provide an improved image of the organization to the communities they serve but also the stakeholders and insurers that they are beholden to. However, the benefits don’t exist solely for the service provider and the people they serve can also benefit from partnering with a CARF® accredited service provider.

Finding the right provider shouldn’t be a hassle for persons served or the families that are helping them seek treatment. When the CARF® seal of approval is tied to an organization, it can help these individuals ensure they are partnering with a proven provider that has worked to meet the international standards that enhance the quality of services that can be obtained with the organization. Partnering with a provider that has successfully completed the CARF® accreditation process can help alleviate the stress of finding a suitable service provider.

By utilizing a fair, third-party evaluation system, CARF® Accreditation is more than just a marketing tool and goes above and beyond to show potential patients that a service provider is committed to providing the best service possible for its clients. Because CARF® International standards focus on patient-centered care, persons served can be sure their best interests are at heart. Obtaining CARF® accreditation ensures that a service provider is not only competent enough to fulfill the needs of persons served but is also fully equipped to.

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