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Should You Pursue CARF® Accreditation in 2020?

CARF® accreditation has been the gold standard for organizations within the health and human services sector. By providing accreditation decisions based on the results of an on-premises survey, CARF® strives to improve the overall quality of services provided while demonstrating value to the general public and ensuring that organizations are meeting internationally recognized standards. Knowing what we know from previous decades and the current state of the health and human services industry, should you pursue CARF® accreditation in 2020?

Without a doubt, CARF® accreditation still carries the same value in 2020 that it has previously. In fact, there has never been a better time for both start-up facilities and existing organizations to bring awareness to their organization while ensuring the highest standards are upheld at all times. This can also help provide peace of mind for both potential clients and their loved ones throughout the search for a care facility because they can ensure that their chosen organization has a client-first approach to the services they provide.

As you can imagine, the process of preparing for a CARF® survey can take up to 12 months to complete. For this reason, the earlier you start the process the better to ensure you are ready when your survey day arrives. Partnering with a training provider like Accreditation Now to simplify the process can ensure that you have the resources and knowledge needed to prepare not only the organization as a whole but also each employee as a cohesive unit.

If you are ready to seek CARF® Accreditation, there has never been a better time to start than 2020 and the upcoming years. In fact, receiving a successful accreditation decision becomes more important annually. By giving yourself the time needed to successfully implement the changes needed in all facets of your organization, you will not only pass your survey but provide real value to your clients and persons served. If you are ready to seek CARF® Accreditation, learn how Accreditation Now can help.

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