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Is Preparing for CARF® Accreditation Hard?

For human services organizations that are considering whether or not CARF® accreditation is right for their business, researchers have likely been overwhelmed by the potential steps that need to be complete before a survey approaches. However, once put in perspective, the benefits associated with receiving accreditation far outweigh the amount of trouble that an organization could potentially have while preparing. But is preparing for CARF® accreditation hard? And what resources do organizations have to help lighten the load? Keep reading this article to find out!

Before an organization can determine how intensive the transition to a CARF®-approved facility may be, it is important to conduct a self-audit that helps determine what changes need to be made before the organization is ready to apply for a survey. To do this, you may want to obtain a recent copy of the CARF® accreditation manual for your particular service area and determine where your organization currently stands. With this knowledge, an organization should have a better idea of how hard preparing for CARF® accreditation will be for their unique situation. In some cases, updating policies and procedures may be a minor tweak; however, this is rare.

While preparing for CARF® accreditation is by no means easy, it wouldn’t be such a popular certification for the human services industry if it was impossible. The effort needed to successfully prepare a business for certification may be too much for some and that is what separates those who choose to pursue certification different from other human services options in the area. Completing the process not only requires dedication, but also a willingness to change to better serve the members of the community and surrounding areas while focusing on person-centered services.

Many organizations find success throughout the CARF® accreditation preparation process by working with a consultant or taking advantage of subscription-based services like Accreditation Now, Inc. With these resources, the team responsible for initiating and implementing CARF® standards will be able to leverage the expertise of others within the field while also utilizing pre-approved documents to align their existing policies and procedures with those found in the CARF® manual.

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