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Does Your Organization Really Need CARF® Accreditation?

Your organization has likely heard about the extensive benefits of obtaining accreditation, but does your organization really need CARF® Accreditation? Depending on the services you provide to your community and persons served, CARF® Accreditation may be the only option available in your field with globally recognized standards. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons CARF® accreditation is so important and explain how obtaining accreditation can benefit your organization.

CARF® Accreditation is a visible representation of an organization’s commitment to not only serving their community but also encouraging feedback and continually improving services. During the CARF® Accreditation process, surveyors will visit an organization to evaluate its performance in comparison with the 1,200 quality standards enacted by CARF®. If these quality standards are fulfilled, the organization will then receive provisional, one-year or three-year accreditation.

The most important benefit associated with CARF® Accreditation is the ability of your organization to meet new challenges that could hinder quality outcomes for the persons you serve. By completing the survey process and demonstrating that you conform to international standards, persons seeking services and their loved ones can make an informed decision and find assurance. Furthermore, a recent study found a 37% increase in annual budget dollars for CARF® Accredited programs between their first survey and their latest.

When looking for an organization, it can be hard for persons served to make a decision based on marketing materials alone. In many cases, organizations are reluctant to share data that proves the effectiveness of their programs. By obtaining CARF® Accreditation, persons served know that the organization is focused on personal care and can compare accreditation between potential facilities to make a more informed decision.

CARF® Accreditation can be a long and demanding process but the benefits it provides can ensure your organization is prepared for the future and is able to provide the best service possible. Although CARF® Accreditation is only the start of your organization’s journey, it is an important first step in providing the best service possible. To learn more about CARF® or the accreditation process, you are encouraged to visit the official CARF® website.

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